Top RON Exchange Rates

EUR 4,6427 4,653701:05:11
USD 3,7991 3,816001:25:02
CHF 3,9456 3,963615:35:45
GBP 5,2431 5,268115:35:45
SEK 0,4735 0,474401:40:12
PLN 1,1170 1,114401:39:56
CZK 0,1830 0,183501:40:02
RUB 0,0670 0,067101:40:11
NOK 0,4834 0,484301:40:13
BGN 2,3745 2,378801:36:43
JPY 0,0342 0,034301:40:10
HUF * 1,5016 1,506201:39:22

* HUF currency rate is displayed for 100 units
Exchange rates obtained for transactions of a minimum value
EUR 100 000.


When exchanging currency in AFORTI™ Exchange You are not charged with any additional fees or commissions. Moreover, You have the possibility to determine the spread individually, spread being the difference between the buy and sell rates. In currency exchange offices and banks spread usually reaches a dozen or more and several dozen groszy, respectively. In order to find out exactly how much You can save thanks to, please contact our dealer department on: +40 37 170 00 62.

A spread in currency exchange is the difference between the buying and selling price of a given currency. In AFORTI™ Exchange it is very close to market average, which is the rate at which the largest financial institutions make their transactions.

Market average is the value of currency exchange rate without the spread (margin) added by banks in foreign exchange transactions with their Clients. Nevertheless, what is most important is that the so-called ‘market average’ is not an arithmetic mean of the buy and sell rates. The reason for this is that each bank may apply different margin rates for buying and different for selling a particular currency, and consequently the ‘market average’ may be in such a case shifted by a few points towards the buying or selling rate!

Depending on the bank in which You hold Your account and on the time the exchange order is registered in AFORTI™ Exchange, the transaction may take maximum 10 minutes!

Please contact us on +40 37 170 00 62 and we will precisely specify the time needed to complete Your transaction.

Each Client having the possibility to plan their future foreign exchange transactions should contact the Head of our dealing room (+40 37 170 00 62), who will present a current analysis of the situation on the market the Client is interested in. Frequently, the differences in prices resulting from the possible delay in the transaction may amount to up to a few groszy, which brings our Clients additional savings!

No, You only need to register and accept the terms and conditions which stipulate the regulations of using the platform. The registration itself is free of charge and takes only a few minutes, but more importantly, it gives the possibility of setting individual exchange rate for a Client.


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